Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kya's Christmas

by Becca Dale

I had several options for writing this blog, but I couldn’t decide on a topic. Time constraints insisted that I give something to our darling blog maven, so I had sent Val a description of winter in South Dakota that I was not quite happy with. Then late last night I got a call. It was one of those three in the morning things that make you wonder who died or who was in the ditch or jail. If you don’t know what I am talking about, I hope you never experience it.

Anyway, I jerked so hard that my husband thought I was having a nightmare. In reality it was just Kya calling with news. After listening to her story, I decided that letting her share here was far better than anything I had written. So, with an apology to Val for the switch, and a nod to the young queen, I turn my blog opportunity over to Kya.


Becca told me I should share my story, so here surrounded by family and friends, I pick up a pen to write.

Yesterday, we all gathered at my brother Jake’s hunting cabin in the mountains to celebrate an early Christmas. We being my husband Ja, my surrogate father Dr. Grant Farris, and my adopted brothers-the wolf pack as Ja calls them. The men had all gone hunting and left me alone in the cabin. Not a big deal as I wasn’t really in the mood to run through the trees at eight months along. Although I was as big as a house, the baby wasn’t due for nearly a month so I figured everything was fine.

I made myself a cup of hot cider as giant snowflakes drifted down to cover the narrow gravel road and dirt pathways around the cabin. Soon everything lay beneath a thick fluffy blanket. The breathtaking sight added the perfect touch to the holiday feeling. Then as the wind picked up, labor pains began with vengeance. I still wasn’t really worried about things though as the guys all have cell phones and Grant is a veterinarian.

I grabbed my cell out of my purse and settled on the ratty old sofa to summon the cavalry. That’s the moment when trouble began. Apparently, Jake’s place is too remote for service. To top it off, the gorgeous falling snow whipped in the howling wind creating a solid wall of white outside the windows. What had seemed like a perfect retreat became a frigid nightmare. With a mental hug, I assured myself that the contractions were merely Braxton Hicks and nothing to worry about.

I stood to walk them off. Then my water broke. Thus ended my attempt to remain cool and collected. Give me a break here. You would have panicked, too. I was trapped in the middle of a blizzard with no phone, no husband, no doctor, not even a freaking St. Bernard to send for help.

I cleaned up the floor and changed clothes in an effort to calm down while I waited. Ja and the boys all have acute senses. They would find their way back and would certainly arrive soon.

No problem Breathe.

Inhale—exhale—ignore the urge to scream.

Inhale—exhale—no you can’t kill Ja for leaving.

Inhale—exhale—oh my freaking goodness that contraction hurt!

Screw remaining calm. I needed a doctor or vet or midwife or someone. Just as fear took complete hold of my senses, the door burst open. Six of my brothers and Ja blew in with the sharp December wind. They were laughing and shoving one another in their usual jovial manner. I have never been so glad to see them. Ryan noticed me first and, of course, sensed something was wrong. As he stopped laughing, the others noticed me too. Ja flew across the room to my side. The boys followed.

“Where’s Grant?” I stared at the door hoping the vet would magically appear.

Jake pushed around the group. “He went home to check on the animals as soon as he heard it might storm. Why do you look like someone beat the crap out of you?”

Leave it to Jake to get right to the point. It didn’t take long before they all realized what was happening. Since none of them really wanted to deliver my daughter, they quickly devised a plan to get me to the sanctuary where Grant had gone.

The snow was too deep even for Jon’s four-wheel-drive truck. We were well and truly stuck until Jake remembered the bob sled in the shed out back. Within moments, the boys had it dragged out front and cleaned off. Ja loaded it down with every blanket he could find while my brothers shifted. After making me promise to stay put and not deliver his child in a snow bank, Ja hitched the six wolves to the leather harnesses. Before I could protest, he tucked me beneath the blankets and jumped on the back with a holler to get the boys running.

We must have looked insane streaking down the mountain with a pack of wolves as a dog team, a pregnant woman biting her lip against the pain, and a crazy father-to-be clinging on the back of an ancient wooden sled. Ryan and Hank lead the team, followed by Rip and Jon, while Jake and Donny brought up the rear. The boys ran the gamut in shape and size, but I doubt I shall ever see a more endearing sight.

We reached the sanctuary in record time even for a clear day. Lynx Elizabeth arrived twenty minutes later. Born in human form like I was, my daughter instantly gave her protective daddy something to worry about, but the delivery went without problem, and Grant took to being a grandpa with great style.

“Enough for now, Kya.”

Ja tries to take my pen but I wave him away. “Give me a second more.”

My darling tough-guy kisses our baby girl and inhales her warm powdery scent as she nestles sweetly on his strong shoulder. I look around at the collection of wolves, wildcats, men, women and other miscellaneous animals that have become my family. At this moment, I understand the power of love, and I am content with all that I have been blessed with this Christmas. May you find yourself surrounded by your own blessing this holiday season, and I wish you great joy.

I told you Kya had a better story to tell than I did. In celebration of the spirit of peace and love, I will be giving a holiday ornament and a copy of Kya’s King to one lucky responder. Please leave your email address so I can contact you when you win! Note: you can’t win if you don’t participate. Happy holidays and a fabulous New Year to you and yours from me and mine.

Becca Dale

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